Rhythm Action

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first entry in the Psynchrony development blog. If you want to know more about what Psynchrony is, check out the site's "about" page.


In order to play Psynchrony, all you have have to do is tap anywhere on the screen. With each tap, you will make Kay, the game's protagonist, spring into action. It might seem simple, but this single input allows for three types of interactions: rhythm action, free action, and rhythm choice.

In this blog entry, we'll focus on the most basic type of gameplay, rhythm action. When Kay plans on taking an action, a thought bubble will appear and slowly conform to her silhouette.

If you tap the screen just as the thought bubble touches her, Kay will swiftly take action:

If your timing is a little imprecise, then Kay will perform the action more hesitantly, but she'll maintain her train of thought:


But if you miss completely, Kay will stumble, breaking her train of thought:

As you stay in sync with Kay's thoughts, she'll start to pick up momentum:


Gradually, her actions will become faster...


...and faster...


Music is at the core of the Psynchrony experience. Every time Kay takes an action, or gains momentum, the music will build in intensity. And with every layer of music you discover, you will also discover a new layer of the story, along with new gameplay sequences.

Rhythm action is just the beginning; in future blogs, we'll focus on the other types of gameplay, free action and rhythm choice, and how they affect the story and the music. Until then, let us know if you have any questions or comments!